Goalkeeping dive tactics

Try this exercise to give your keepers the confidence to dive without the fear of hurting themselves. It will also help them to get up quickly ready to save a follow up shot

Why use it

Getting young keepers to dive is a huge step in their development. It helps them to save shots that are heading for the corners of the net. Havingthe right technique helps to stop keepers getting hurt on hard ground.

Set up

You need cones, balls anda goal. Players should work in pairs and swap at regular intervals between server and goalkeeper. The server needs to stand around 10 yards away with a supply of balls.

How to play

In the first part the server passes left and right to get the goalkeeper diving both ways. In the progression of the exercise he must dive one way and knock a cone over, which is the signal for the server to pass to the other side. Keepers must be quick to get up and save the second ball.


Young keepers need to know how to dive so they don’t get hurt. Using this exercise will give them the confidence to dive during matches. Make sure they dive slightly diagonally forward. Remember the order of landing from a dive: ankle, outside of knee, hip, side of upper torso and shoulder.

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