Having grown up around church most of my life and having many personal friends start churches or ministries – I have noticed the overwhelming task of growing something from the ground up. Even in my own personal experience starting with something that is nothing and growing it to be successful is no small task. It takes lots of hard work and the will power to never give up or quit, but it has been proven over and over that it can be done.

And may the Lord our God show us his approval and make our efforts successful. Yes, make our efforts successful!

Psalm 90:17 NLT

Here are five proven ways to grow your church:

  1. Grow Your Tribe

    Take care of those you do have – as small as it maybe – and they will spread the love to all of those around them. Word of mouth is still the best form of advertising. If someone loves you and what you are doing, they are going to tell everyone around them.

  2. Strong Online Presence: Website & Social Media

    In the last decade we have changed how we communicate – there is an entire generation that has only known social media and the internet. You must learn to communicate the way they do if you want to reach them.

  3. Flier

    A 1 mile radius around your church and include a giveaway drawing for all first time visitors.

  4. Google Ads

    Many people are always coming and going and are looking for churches in the areas they may have just moved to. Use google ads as way for people to find you when they are searching in their local area for a church.

  5. Outreaches into the Community

    Meet the needs of the people in your local community – after all that is what the great commission is all about.

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