It all began when coffee-addict, Tony Geers launched his journey of discovering truly delicious coffee. Dreaming of a world beyond frappes and highly-sweetened burnt coffee beverages, he scoured the ends of the earth for specialty grade coffee that exceeds it’s reputation.

However, during their journeys to some of the largest coffee-producing countries in the world, they discovered a need far greater than satisfying humanity’s coffee addiction. That’s when founders, Tim Jooste and Tony Geers realized their mutual passion to meet the most basic needs of some amazing people. Driven by a desire to change the world, they began to fulfill our highly caffeinated calling and Kings Arms Coffee was birthed.

Kings Arms Coffee Co.
What We Did
Branding, Responsive Web Design, Packaging, Photography, Social Media Marketing

They gave us coffee.

We created an iconic brand.

Our creative team had the privilege of building the Kings Arms Coffee Co. brand from the ground up. From their fully responsive website and iconic logo, to their packaging and social media strategy.